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dragonball gold

homophobic or anything else, until I read this site.


Of all the things to piss and moan about. Do you think whining about a TV ad will make it go away? Do you think that will make the gay movement suddenly be universally accepted ? If every straight person petitioned of whined about Bareback Mountain do you think they would have stopped it from being shown? Seriously, learn when someone is actually taking something away from you, and when they are saying something you don't like. But worst of all you are complaining about what you THINK they meant from that ad. People who are trying to make this a problem are the people that are the problem. Inserting their own stereotypes into another person's idea, then claiming they are some type of immoral person. Seriously if you think that guy was gay after being changed ( how can you tell ? ), that's the problem. I personally seen the commercial as saying, the Dodge was a tough car with attitude. The guy walking the dogs had meaner breeds of dogs and looked tough, after laughing at the fairies dismay, he was turned into a goodie to-shoes. To show that the fairy can turn tough things into something that isn't mean anymore. I guess what you take away from the commercial will tell you alot about yourself.


The commercial simply demostrates how the Caliber is anything but cute. By throwing the fairy into the wall it is repelling against being a cute car. and by changing what the male was wearing did not mean the fairy made him "gay" but simply changed him from rugged, to cute. This is not a question of sexual orientation but rather the difference between 'cute' and 'rugged'.

Queer Beacon

Hey Lance, interesting points (1 and 2, but not 3 ;-)

Lance E Sloan

I've seen this ad on TV before. Here's my impression:

1. The fairy is not trying to give a "queer eye" to anything. The fairy is trying to make things magical. Like what would look good in a children's story or a fantasy.

2. The fairy wasn't unable to change the Dodge because it was tough. It was because the Dodge is so good it's already "magical".

3. The fairy didn't turn the dog-walking man gay. The fairy turned him into a poorly-dressed preppy guy.


man he didnt turn gay. it turn him into a prep. dumbass.


excuse me, liposuction? gay people would fall under the american's with DISABILITIES act? what the fuck is disabled about being gay?


I think we'd get a lot further in these discussions if someone would PLEASE help the world decipher if being "gay" is a genetic condition (medical disfunction for lack of species propagation) or a lifestyle choice.

I don't have a problem with either but freaking decide which it is. I'm not going to vote for laws or pass judgement on anything until the "gay" community decides which. If you're born that way and it's genetic, awesome; you fall under the ADA. And you SHOULD be protected from discrimination.

As for the ad? I thought it was rather stupid and didn't think anything of it, with regards to it being homophobic or anything else, until I read this site.


Tom, you are not gay. I understand that this may seem like a small matter, and I acknowledge it is. But it is simply an example of how in some circles it is still ok to use homophobia to achieve your ends, whether it be Dodge or Senator Santorum. Lighten up? Ok that may be fair, but in an environment where it is still ok to discriminate against gays, it is something to consider. You can't be fired, evicted or denied visitation to your spouse because of who you are. I can be. My spouse can't live legally in my country because of the discrimination that exists in our laws. So all of these little things add up and contribute to the environment of discrimination. I will laugh it off when I have the same rights that you do. No hard feelings--I respect your right to disagree, but please understand the position of others who might be offended.


First thing, I do not see this as any stereo type or play on gay. I am not gay, and after reading a few replys I think you guys need to lighten up a little and quit trying to make this something it isn't. Its not about you, its about a car with an attitude. I think it is geared more towards the muscle car theme which is returning. I am straight but I do have quite a few gay friends so dont think I am knocking anyone I am just trying to keep it real.

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