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I don't understand why the way a person dresses is supposed to make them gay, secondly the theme of the commercial is anything but CUTE, are you saying that the next time a mother calls her son cute she is calling him gay? And if you think that question is stupid, so is this problem with the commercial. Stop looking for problems you ruin things for everyone else

Northeast Libertarian

"Bashed in an ad?"

What melodramatic hokey.

I'm a gay man and there's nothing gay or gay-negative about this ad, other than PC busybodies and the professionally offended who are OUTRAGED at what is an obvious message -- the car isn't a cute little Tinkerbell-mobile.

Good Lord, with all the important gay issues out there, you would think people would focus on that rather than trying to be offended by misconstruing a stupid car advertisement.


I predict that history will view the ad as explicitly, and notoriously, homophobic. Dodge (DaimlerChrysler) had the gall to air it during "Will and Grace" last week. Between "Will and Grace" and "Desperate Housewives," it seems like they trying to pseudo-appeal to gay men. Like, ha ha we're in on the joke, too. But we are being bashed in this joke. It's like Andrew Dice Clay (an evil man) saying "Oh, I'm just a guy who tells jokes." I found nothing funny about the gratuitous homophobia of this commercial. The Tinkerbell character tells the he-man into a silly little fairy. How explicit can this be? As far as I'm concerned, Suraya Bliss is basically a liar. I don't know how Suraya Bliss sleeps at night.


Actually, I enjoyed that commercial when i saw it, it's a clever piece of imagination. I think gays need to ramp down; everything isn't always about them


Up until the last scene, the fairy was pretty much in-line with what fairies do - causing trouble, being whimsical and casting spells. I've played Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years, so I'm highly qualified to comment on fairy behavior.

As for the last scene, the tough guy was just calling the fairy out as a fairy until she turned him preppy. I don't know a whole lot of gay men who dress like he does post-transmutation. Plus you have to notice that he's wearing WHITE shorts after the enchantment is cast - and it's not even Memorial Day yet. Truly a most horrible curse to be transformed into a poorly-coordinated pre-80s preppy guy. The joke is on him, as gay men know it's a poor outfit.


Seems like the tag line is really "anything but gay." May seem harmless to some to use a gay caricature as a negative image but ultimatley the goal is to sell cars using homphobia (assuring buyers they are the opposite of gay). Pretty lame attempt I agree, but not fair to let them get away with it either.

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