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Seriously, This site is pure trash. This site only prove's the reason's anyone should hate gay's.
1. Because you constantly push gay wishes on Straight guys. "Wishful Thinking", Well, My Wishful Thinking would sooner see all Fag's burnt to the ground, But I don't make a site and write those words. At this point in time, If a gay man attack's someone saying something wrong with being gay, It's a crime against gays, but if a gay man says something is wrong with something being straight, and a straight guy defend's himself, It's homophobic. Seriously, Get a life. Be gay, But don't be retarded. Your making your situation in the world worse by showing more reason's to hate what you are. You shouldn't hate a person for thier looks, or what race they are. But it's clear we should hate you based on who you are. A moron without a mind filter for his own good.

Queer Beacon

Very interesting take, Jason. Anyway, I'll never complain about gratuitous nudity, sex etc. ;-)

Read on!


Wondering about the semi-erotic filming of the self-flaggilation scenes with the monk. Lots of skin, as you say, light playing on lightly hairy chest and legs, a glimps of comely hip girdle in the last of these scenes. For S&M fans, lots more triggers there. Grant me that the filming had erotic overtomes. Why? It didn't seem necessary to the story to be so erotographic. So what's up?



Your website is the dumbest most self serving bullshit ever. I was googling the most recent dodge ad and came across this page. OMG OMG NO GAY CONTENT IN THE DA VINCI CODE, WHAT ARE THE FAGS TO DO?????????????

Sit down, shut up and be normal and deal with it. There weren't any mexicans, african americans or sabertooth tigers in it either, so should they feel all sad? NO! They have better things to do.

So, all I basically have to say is, "Silly Fairy"



Never mind The Da Vinci Code. What about Bandidas????????????????

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