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Queer Beacon



I think that the reviewer of this movie was simply bored or otherwise interested at the time (s)he watched the movie. The movie is simply brilliant, well-tuned intellectually and emotionally, and it gives a different outlook at gay life than mainstream gay cinema. I had not known about the time- and budget-limitations of the movie when I watched it; but it left an unerasable mark in my memory. Dan makes a great part in the movie, and the part is well-wrought. Actually the entire movie seems full-fledged and despite the skin-patrol-kind-of-review I found it extremely neutral sex-wise and really touching. I recommend this movie to anyone who comes across it in rentals or by way of friends.


I went to college with Dan Futterman, and he is a real talent. I don't especially like this movie but I really respect his work. I applaud him for making courageous decisions about the parts that he plays and the issues that he deals with in his work. Great work Dan! Roar Lions Roar!!!


Call me madcap...but I thought this movie was brilliant.

Queer Beacon

I agree.


One of the most depressing movies of all time.

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