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I have seen all of three and all of them good. X-Man series is a superb story of mutants. X-Man is a full entertainment movie. I think you are right Part2 is best of three.


I have to say that whilst I am a fan of the x men movies, I am thrilled by the way in which the film promotes the pain and suffering that can be endured by people who are different.

For this I think the film should be applauded.I have liked all the x men movies for this very reason.

 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

The film opens with young Warren in the bathroom trying to saw off his pinions so his daddy won't be ashamed. Talk about phallic symbols! X3 is the gayest blockbuster to hit the multiplex.

Queer Beacon

Thank you, YNF! Come back often!

While writing my review for X-Men 3 I learned there were many gay/les/bi characters in the comics (I didn't see any trans character though).

I saw The Color Purple a long time ago, way before I started this blog, but I maw see it again and review it here ;-)


I came over via Snicks, and I have to say your views are excellent and very well presented...I think that the Xmen movies have done a great job in its effort to promote understanding over intolerance. The only problem I have with the movies is that, as you noted, it does not follow the comics...but most movies don't often follow the books on which they are based. However, X3 is still good in its presentation...and has most likely attracted more interest in the comics--and their themes of freedom and understanding and justice...

I just wanted to let you know that there are actually quite a lot of gay/bi/transgendered characters in the comics; i.e. Mystique is bi (has been for years) and is Nightcrawler's mom; the current Catwoman is a lesbian with a partner; Multiple Man (Eric Dane's character in X3) has bi experiences; so does John Constantine (Keanu Reeves character from the movie Constantine); but one of my faves is the Young Avengers teen gay couple, Wiccan (Jewish boy) and Hulkling (Capt. Marvel's son);

I have to say I'm really interested in reading the rest of your reviews, as your interpretations are quite unique and thought provoking...I'm curious if you've seen The Color Purple...Now, I'm off to read the rest of your fantastic review...Great job on the site...

Queer Beacon

You are so right, James. That scene was right in the beginning of the movie and indeed was very powerful. The boy's desperation and self-rejection meet the father's disapproval. Devastating.


Hi, there, Augusto.

Just discovered your blog, through a link in the Wayne Besen blog.

Just wanted to add a comment to your X-Men review - I think THE most powerful scene in X3, regarding us gays, is with the young Warren Worthington III.

The scene in the bathroom, where he's desperately trying to get rid of his growing wings, and the frustration both he and his father express when it becomes evident to the father that his son is a mutant.

How close to home that hit!



About CNN report on Richard Cohen, if you listen carefully, he said something like "We have those feelings, but that doesn't mean we have to act on them." He didn't say that he stopped having those feelings. Basically he just taught people how to fight those feelings better, not get rid of them.

In X-Men 2, Nightcrawler asked Mystique "They say you can imitate anyone. Even their voice... Then why not stay in disguise all the time? You know — look like everyone else?" Mystique replied "Because we shouldn’t have to". That is the whole point of being gay. My family keeps telling me to get married, have children, and live a normal life like everyone else, but the point is that I shouldn't have to. I am comfortable in my own Mystique skin.

That leads to another point. CNN can broadcast that report with little or no consequence because we are Mystique. Black people cannot change their skin color and live the lives of white people, but we all can live in disguise as straight people. So like what Nightcrawler said, they think we should stay in disguise all the time.

BTW, since I said we are Mystique, I want to say that Black is Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler has african art all over his body in the movie.


Just saw this movie and your review was right on target. Funny how the bad mutuants were made to look like hard core lesbians (in my opinion). Also, I noticed quite a frequent use of "homo sapiens"--seemed to be an intersting twist. Good mvoie, but I expected a little better.


Just discovered your blog. Great write-up of X-Men. I saw the movie twice already, and like you I totally cried during the Angel scenes. When we learn to spread our wings and be who we are, whatever that may be, it's priceless and the sky's the limit! For an actually small role in the movie, he certainly stole the show in my book!

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