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Look guy, I'm a gay man who really isn't into the political connotations of my sexuality. It's nobody's business, but mine, and whoever I am with. Beyond that, there is no reason to call anyone, real or imagined,being "homophobic" for what they say. Homophobia is fear of people who have sex with their own gender; that is not what most people, the majority of people, feel,think, or even mean when they say certain things. There is no such thing as a homophobic comment outside of your own head! You gotta accept that most of the world is "straight". It doesn't mean they have an "anti-gay agenda" but they're just not interested in the p.c. shit. Nor am I. Most of our best writers, directors, creators, are straight. I am comfortable with myself and my sexuality. I don't hold a grudge against anyone for their beliefs, whether they agree with my lifestyle or not. It has nothing to do with me. To put yourself out in the spotlight is wrong. Read the myth of Narcissus. It occured long before supposed "gays" and "straights" went to war. You don't exist in a vacuum brother, so get real. I have read so many comments about so many movies where guys are just being guys. And we, gays, get offended; as far I'm concerned for no reason. You want equality? You want understanding? Well stop blaming everyone else; and stop with all this "homophobic" shit.

Queer Beacon

You have a point, Henry. Maybe some day I'll create a rating for movie characters. Read on.


Having a character in a movie who makes homophobic comments doesn't make the whole movie homophobic.

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