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Dear Marcus, that's what happens to a guy who has been into writing for a long time now. I guess languages and words have been the salt of my life. Music too, of course. And, by being gay, some clever humour is mandatory...
Now you (all) know.
(My fancying this blog just grows and grows... O my!)

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

"my eyes did rest, but something else became jumpy"
Good one Ricardo!

When u'll visit us?



I can tell you, QB, that I just came across some Brazilian blogs where I was litterally offered astonishing visions from Paradise... Mostly in Rio, at Copacabana and Ipanema, on the beach, by sunset... To die for...
Honestly and seriously, I had never seen sooo much beauty together. I repeat: what a country and what a human treasure!

Queer Beacon

You will not believe the galleries that are coming up. Soon!


Trying to offer my eyes some rest at the end of a weekend so rich in visual beauty, I went through the «100% Brazilian Beef».
Well, my eyes did rest, but something else became jumpy...
I just could't take my eyes out of that Ricardo 1. What a powerful facial expression! When he smiles his whole face laughs...
Absolutely magnificent!
(Btw, don't get any devious ideas! What became jumpy was my heart and my heart alone...)


I do suspect someone has been reading my comments somewhere else, and decided to be allusive to them... I guess I like that mysterious «je ne sais quoi».
Wouldn't you agree, MARCUS?...
Yes, this is all getting better and better all the time indeed...


I can't wait to see Sexy Johnny Depp too!

Queer Beacon

Hey guys, thanks for your visit! I generate the photo albums on typepad. I don't really like typepad's program for photos so I am creating new galleries with many more functions (you'll be able to rate the pictures, comment, etc.) -- but I think it will be a little while before I can put the improved galleries up ;-)

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Beefs, movies, soccer players...
This is getting better everyday!
I think that Ricardo will agree with me

Jason Young

Hi, how do you generate your gallery pages? The square thumbnails remind me of flickr.

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