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Queer Beacon

I couldn't agree more, Ricardo! Even the basketball shorts in the 70s used to be really short. Now, they all wear "trousers" in the game. Rugby is a nice exception to the current rule.


Giving myself enough time to watch those two (machines and systems do fail), I remembered that football (ok, soccer) shorts used to be really shorts not that long ago, instead of those long and wide skirts where wonderful bodies seem to vanish... Players look like young boys who are just beginning to wear long trousers («pintos-calçudos» is the scornful name they get for it in Portuguese).
I say, a campaign against that should be started, perhaps by means of a SPORNO, who knows...
It's ssooo unaesthetic to my eyes.

OmG Greg, that's one of the most poignant «throws» against France I've heard recently!
But then again it may also mean that you'd be so much into «that» football that you'd want tickets forever...
Would you enlighten me, please?


So that's how football is played in France? I'd have to get season tickets if I lived there....


I bow low before intelligent guys/gays who know exactly how to make our lives richer and richer all the time...
Btw, some weeks ago, maybe more, «The Observer» presented a definition of «Metrolescent» which I find most a propos. Can't give any other details because I read about it in «Der Spiegel». But it's most certainly appropriate, and involves the whole society.
And now I'm going after Mark Simpson... Thank you!
XXX :-)

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

I don't know if you know that the neologism "sporno" was created by Mark Simpson, a writer (gay) that created the "Metrosexual" term some years ago...

Queer Beacon

thanx ;-)


There you are, Marcus!
Well, well, someone's very happy today... for being able, once again, of exercising his imagination. Fair enough! After all, Italian football has made us all long for sporn.
Once again, Augusto, you're riding the right... wave!

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Exercising my imagintion again and again and again Lalala


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