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I Received only that last email u sent.
I don't know why...
Well.. I wrote u back!


Yes, I believe the large majority doesn't...
Did you by chance open the two e-mails I've sent you some time ago? I guess it was when you were ill. At least, so I read here.
And yes, I'm an «alfacinha de gema»: born, raised and always lived in Lisbon. Btw, feel free to check my blog; being bilingual, you'll be at ease and comfortable.
Hope hearing from you! :-)


I'm laughing a lot!
I translated cause there r others visitors that don't speak portuguese!
Where do u live in Portugal? Lisboa?


Thank you, Marcus, for the translation! Being a Portuguese teacher myself, I guess I can fairly enough figure out what a «papa-peixe» is...
My «name» has shrunken a bit, but I'm still RICARDO... Remember? :-)
Hope all's well in Sampa...


Augusto, will u come to SP to visit us?

Ric, Cuiabá is in Mato Grosso State.
The Cuiabanos r also known as "papa-peixe", some like "Fish-eaters"



Minha nossa!... You're a lucky guy indeed: you arrive in Brazil and already a «comitê de recepção» awaits you! Man, how better can it get?
Congratulations for your brother! :-)
(In what State is Cuiaba?)

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