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How many times in our lives do we get nasty words from idiots without (allow me!) «partir prà ignorância»?!
Not acceptable! No way!
And now Zizou is even the best player in this WC! What kind of message is FIFA trying to convey? Sorry, but are those guys all stupid without exception?


Well, not exactly the same nor with the same results, but the intention was there alright!
In that crazy match everyone lost his mind, starting with that imbecile Russian refferee...
But, as I said somewhere else, that's no excuse for a fully grown-up man who is watched by everyone as an example.

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

I think there's a misubderstood.
I don't agree with his act or any kind of phisical violence.

I know that Materazzi said that Zizou's sister was a bitch and he get angry...

Queer Beacon

Figo did something similar? How disappointing, he is/was my favorite.


I'm sorry, Marcus, but can you imagine any insult whatsoever that could lead a star like Zizou, a man of his responsability in the world of football, to loose his mind the way he did? I don't think so. And that's not acceptable at all. Never. No way.
That's why I got mad at Figo, when he pulled a similar stunt in the match against Holland. That's what I hate the most in football. Sometimes I think that what they gain in musles, they loose in brains...

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Italy won!

It was like a Brazilian victory here in Sao Paulo. Lot's of fireworks and people using Italy shirts everywere.

What a greateful time!
I'm F...ing happy!

About Zizou, what a pitty!

I don't know what Materazzi said to Zizou get so angry, but its a bad way to finish a brilliant career.


Well, neither Brazil nor Portugal did it, but ITALY saved the convent's honnour! Southern Europe is celebrating Italy's victory everywhere, from Portugal to Greece, I'd say, for the 1.st time in the history of the FIFA event. Wonderful, hu?

Tanti auguri, Italia! Siete tutti dei bravissimi ragazzi!

A single fact could have turned a virile match into an obnoxious tragedy - the Berber's barbarian act. Thank God, common sense prevailed.

I couldn´t feel happier!

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