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Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

[Something slipped my mind: the Italian man's name is CANNAVARO, not the Portuguese usual way. Dixit!]

Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

Why on earth was I feeling that there was more to it than just a preference for Italians, why?
So, Marcus, congratulations!
Have fun next Sunday as I hope to enjoy myself on Saturday, even if we should happen to lose the game. (What the f... am I saying?! Am I losing my mind?!)
And yes, Augusto, from now on I'll do my best to focus my attention on cinema and cinema alone. Promise!

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Thank u guys! But my English was much much better some years ago...

Back to the Italy Case:

1 - Canavarro
2 - My Grandfathers are Italian


Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

I agree with Augusto: your English, Marcus, is fine! Instead of a transatlantic talk, the conversation becomes worldwide.
As for my suggestions, anything goes in the case of Italy (ah... Del Piero, come no?).
France is a whole different matter... I'm still furious, but... I have to be honest even to myself. Thierry Henri est un seigneur, il me semble...

Queer Beacon

You're English is fine, Marcus!

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

You're wellcome, Ricardo!

My final rank is:

1st: Italy (with Canavarro)
2nd: France (any sugestion?)
3rd: Portugal (with Cristiano Ronaldo)
4th: Germany (with Ballack)

God! I need to practice my English! I forgot everything!!!
May I post in Portuguese or Spanish?


Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

[I Have an important correction to make: in my previous comment, where you read «campioni europei», you should read, of course, «campioni mondiali».
Dear Lord, this was a terrible «lapsus linguae», and only Freud could now be of some help to me. What on earth is happening inside my head?...]

Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you very much, Marcus! You are definitely «amigão»!
And next one goes to you, Augusto: Cristiano Ronaldo is not goind home yet «coisa nenhuma»! Or are you somehow forgetting next Saturday?! Yea, I know, it's a game just for the 3.rd place, but... we can still beat Germany. Why not?
And what about next Sunday? Well, my mind is made up: tutto per la bella Italia! Voglio vedere tutti quelli bellissimi ragazzi diventare campioni europei! (Sorry, I let myself carry away a bit too far...)
Avanti Italia!

Marcus - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Poor guy...
The World Cup will not be the same without him

Let's Go Italy!

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