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william rockwell

nevermind! duh!

William Rockwell



stanley tucci

those are my answers....

how many of us are correct?


I saw this movie this night (yes, unfortunately the movies came to Brazil "a little" later)
Its a vey light and fun movie, to eat pop corn, laugh and forget the problems for a while.
The soundtrack is so nice! "City of blinding lights" to Paris is perfect!

Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

I have to agree with Dan, no doubt. It's 2006, for Heaven's sake! It's no longer the time for reading between the lines. I've been doing that for decades now.
But if we're dealing here with «Hollywood mainstream», or anything else of that kind, then why the surprise? I'm still quite astonished about «Brokeback Mountain», just to say the least. Under Bush consulate? Excuse me, but something must really have gone very wrong... Or else, some people are more free than other...


I think it is just the "love that dare not speak it's name" crap in 2006. Why can't they utter the word gay or have some mention of this obvious fact. Perhaps not to offend?

You can't have a movie about fashion without gay characters, yet here we have don't ask don't tell movie about the gayest industry in the world.

Queer Beacon

I'm just trying not to assume that every guy who is effeminate (and Stanley wasn't even a super queen) and/or dresses flamboyantly is gay, but you both have a very good point -- it doesn't get much gayer than Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada...

Ricardo, Lisbon, Portugal

What's one's imagination good for? Does everything have to be fully explicit these days?
Once again, I suppose, Meryl Strep is great.
«I once had a farm in Africa», I remember so well...

patrick nyc

No hard evidence Tucci's caracture was gay? Really?

Did you really need to see him kiss a guy or suck a cock?

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