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Mel is now officially crazy. I doubt even homophobic anti-Semites care about what Mel does. And to think, I thought he was hot in Mad Max.


I couldn't agree more with Dan as I wouldn't care less for Gibson's imbecile outburst both against Jews and gays. Living where I live I «olympicly» ignore the existence of catholic fundamentalists. This said, I should add I haven't seen his movies for AGES now. And btw I'm glad that sh... happened in the USA, so that he wouldn't get rid of the scandal so easily. As catholics say: «God rests but doesn't sleep»... (lol)
(Wasn't this one right on target?) :-)


what about his anti-gay outbursts? It is all pretty consistent and we shouldn't be too surprised. His nasty gay remarks pretty much went unreported (or underreported anyway).

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