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Sure u r allowed!
I was joking too!


Am I not allowed just a tiny little joke? Of course I'm not jealous! It'd be ridiculous.
Thank you, Marcelo, both for your marvellous pictures you shared with us all and for asking to my question about the lunch. I wish I knew someone who might put a good word on your behalf so that you would finally lunch - or have a coffee... - with her... But I don't.
Many thanks to you all! You're great, guys!


Love you all guys!


See what I Meant?
He's a lovely guy!

Marcelo (yeah, me agaaaaain)

ahhh... and thank you too Marcus!! You are a GREAT friend!

Love, Má

Marcelo (yeah, ME)


Thanks for ALL your kind words to me. You know how much you mean to me don´t you! MISS YOU a lot here in Brazil...

I loved your post... I will always be visiting and remembering your words. LOVE you!!

And, friends. Unfortunally NO I have not had lunch with her yet... snif, snif! WHO will arrange that for me, humm?? Hugs to all! Marcelo


Hey Ric!
Marcelo, Augusto, me...
We r all from the same group of friends...
Don't be jealous LOL


So this is a conspiracy, huh? Everyone knows Marcelo! NOW I'm jealous! Whether in Seattle or São Paulo... Gosh, the world isn't any longer what it used to be...
Best wishes, Marcus!


Ric, I'll be not surprized if Marcelo had a lunch with her.
He knows EVERYTHING about Madonna!
His place have lots ans lots of pics of her.

He´s a very nice guy! A good friend!


Well, this is turning into a rather nice habit: once again, congratulations! I've gone through a few blogs with pics of her in concert (Cardiff and London), but no pic compares to Marcelo's, no way! Man, do they both have lunch together or what?! No, don't be mean to me, I'm not jealous at all. I'm especially happy for you, AL, for having such a «jolly good» friend!
Shame that I don't enjoy stadium concerts at all... I might consider going to Paris, but it's definite those 4 (!) concerts at Bercy are sold out already...

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