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I've been to Brazil several times, and yes, racism is alive and well there. The population as a whole is in denial, but I've had friends tell me that it does exist. One of my best friends has a black mother, and I swear that he is embarressed by her- even his Brazilian friends have said the same thing to me. Just look at Brazilian movies and t.v. stars, the overwhelming majority are white. The same is true in any South American or Central American country.

The men on the list are selected by the media, not the people, as someone pointed out, but the media is selecting just what the Brazilians want to see.

A few years ago Brazil, and Colombia, introduced racial quotas at their universities after FINALLY recognizing the racism against non whites. This is just one example.

I've lived in South American for 3-1/2 years and have seen how far worse racsim is in South America first hand than it is in the U.S.

As for Pablo's comment about some men looking mixed b/c his idea of a white man is some pasty looking English guy, Europe has many tribes of white people which look different (an Italian and Finn or A Russian and an Irish or Greek) not all whites look the same. Just look at the different types of Asians (compare a Korean to a Vietnamese) there are and different types of blacks (compare a Somali to a Zulu)and Native Americans (compare an Inca from a Mayan)there are as well.

maria l

As a Brazilian living in America, I must say that I didn't know what racism was until I moved to to the United States. Most Brazilians that have lived in the US concur. Brazil is very mixed, though there are not many indigenous peoples (similar to the US, oh my!). Prejudice in Brazil is largely based on SOCIOECONOMIC status, not skin color. The fact that lighter skinned people tend to have more money.. well, the same can be said for the US. In Brazil, opportunities to move up the socioeconomic ladder are far more limited than in the US. The color of your skin has nothing to do with it. I've dated pasty pale white guys and beautiful black men and every color, race, religion, nationality in between, I love them all! This from a white Brazilian girl. Many Americans, black, white, whatever, literally ask me "what the f*ck are you?". Such a nice way to put it, especially for a superiorly integrated country, don't you think? Apparently, in America, I'm not accepted by any race. And racism is not a strickly one way street. EVERYONE has prejudices. Yes, even you.

Queer Beacon

JJ, you can post as many comments as you'd like ;-)


PLEASE, sorry to post again, but Henri CAstelli is NOT AS ATTRACTIVE AS HE LOOKS HERE. He's married to a supermodel, but whenever i see him i think of a dinosaur.


by the way, moscovis is UGLYYYYYYYYY and i've always thought edson celulari was a plastic surgery nightmare. the only one i've alwats liked is caua, though he needs to step up from soap star...

ps- where's kayky brito?



i have lived in brazil and these men are a MIX- the traditional brazilian, the idea of beauty for men and women... tan skin from the indians and blacks, and green eyes from the portuguese!


Hi, I live in Brazil (Brasil), and there is racism here, I think that it is not open like in some other places in the world, but, still, it is here.

Of course, not everyone is a racist, the cases happen on a discreet fashion, and not all cases come to be known for various reasons, people don't have the information that their rights are being violated, or because the manner in which the racism occurred gives no evidence for the victim to act, because there is no proof...

Anyway, there is racism here, this situation is changing, but sadly there is.



Pablo: about 53% of Brazilians call themselves white. Do you believe that the men on this list don't call themselves white? 53% of the Brazilian population does not look like pale Englishmen. Whites in Brazil are mainly of Southern European descent. Are Portugese, Italian, Greek, people all "mixed" and not "white" to you?

Gene - Identifying the source of the racism doesn't make it any more justified. If this is a list of the Top 25 White Guys/Male Celebs in Brazil That The White Media Elite Thinks Are Hot then the list should be named such, or that should at least be acknowledged. Instead the list is called 25 Sexiest Guys in Brazil and the guys aren't even all sexy, they're just all white. Would you have a list of The Top 100 Sexiest People In Brazil and have them be all women without acknowledging that men are being left off the list? And that all-female list would be sexy to whom?

Kirk: The answer is racism, which according to Brazilian apologists does not exist in Brazil - only other countries, especially the US.

thx, michael and derrick


How does a top 25 list of Brazilians not include any men of color?

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