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Totally agree with u, Augusto!
There's a difficult work to, at least try, decrease the homophobia.
Just don't want people misunderstanding a good movie with (unfortunately) homophobic talks with bad movies, homophobic or not.
Keep going my friend!
U know that I'm your #1 fan.

Queer Beacon

Hey Marcus, I have to agree that the movie was good, I also agree that homophobia is out there. We see many many accounts of gay bashing taking place everywhere, Sao Paulo, NY, Paris etc. But I disagree that a movie, even a macho movie like The Departed, needs to replicate that homophobia.

Although homophobia may be a part of people like those in the movie, it need not be, especially not onscreen, where people might, even unconciously, replicate the homophobia.

The whole purpose of this site is to point out homophobia in movies, and maybe help steer moviegoers (and hopefully movie producers/writers) in the right direction.


Hi Augusto!
Saw this movie last night.
Well, it's impossible to say it is not a good movie, because it is a really good one.

OK, there are lots of homophobic slurs, but I don't think that that is the essence of movie...

Unfotunatelly, homophobia is part of our society, and it can't be vanished from movies like this, agree?

Queer Beacon

Hey Ron. I thought the movie was good. It was homophobic but good. I hate when that happens, I prefer homophobic movies to be bad, and not be seen by ton of people..., but The Departed was good and so far has been a major box office hit. A bunch of straight guys are reinforcing their prejudices.


I have to admit I was shocked when Leo called Matt a fag near the end. However, after thinking about it, Leo (the good guy) knew that was the worst insult he could call Matt (the bad guy). He never utters any other slurs in the movie, but Matt does. I disagree with you, I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen all year


The unfortunate fact is that many young "street-smart" males talk to each other in this manner. Also, remember Mark Walburg's pre-Marky-Mark years when he aimed his homophobic slurs at gay victims? I do agree that the dialogue should have been toned down.


Hi Augusto!
OK, I believe that this movie is homophobic and bad using the QB rating.
But, as a movie (screenplay, actors, direction, bla bla bla) is it really bad? I mean, it's hard to believe that a Scorcese movie can be so bad.

Queer Beacon

Have a great weekend, RIC!


Well Augusto, from such a cast I wouldn't expect anything better... I just can't stand Jack Nicholson! What a tremendous idiot! A true «canastrão»!
As to Scorcese, I'm disappointed.
Nice weekend! :-)

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