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La película es linda, y Penélope Cruz perfecta!
Muy, muy, muy lindo!

Ahora sé porque lo dices sobre los zapatos en la fiesta del Amigo Secreto! jejejeje



Queer Beacon

Hey yepal. I will see Volver again!


I saw Volcer the opening night in Copenhagen and it is all you say. I was so amazed by Penelope Cruz. I haven't thought that much of her before but she is just wonderful in Volver.
I can't wait to see it again - and that is something I feel for all Almodovar's movies.


Penelope Cruz was the best I have ever seen her and the best actress performance this year (although I bet some good ones are coming at the end of the year). It presented a really mature actress with grace, subtlety, expression and perfect delivery. Shows the power of directing. I can't wait to see it again to see what I missed the first time. (Oh--I didn't think that was PC singing; good to know who it was though). Thanks.

Queer Beacon

Guys, you should really believe the hype. Volver is quite a movie! It is Almodovar in all senses, and Almodovar at his very best.


This is the one film I've been awaiting all year!!!! I can't wait to see it!!!!


Haha!!! I just knew it, Augusto! You would love «Volver»! It's a formidable picture! Just like in normal daily life, there's so much in it all at the same time that you would have to go topic by topic to deal with everything that comes up in the movie. Almodovar is great, man! And Estrella Morente's voice is one of those Spanish voices that I've never known how to describe... Powerful? Not enough...
I'm really happy! :-)


Volver will "estrear" (how can I say it in English Augusto?) in November here too!
I can't wait!

Queer Beacon

Hey Uliv. I actually meant that Penelope Cruz' character sang the song, I wasn't sure if the voice was hers. So, it was certainly nice to know about Estrella. Her website is great. Thanks for the info ;-)


I have to rectify something you said...the song Penelope sings in the film was not really her voice.
If you meant when she sings outside next to the bar, it was performed by Estrella Morente


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