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and one more thing. as near-the-mark the film is, i found myself laughing madly at some points. as uncomfortable as some scenes are, how can you NOT laugh at non-pornographic naked wrestling????

Queer Beacon

I agree, Maria, the joke is on the bigots (that's why I gave the movie a LightShed score), but that fact is not clear to all (that's why the LightShed score was low).

Thanks for your comment ;-)


i think its very easy to mis-understand baron-cohen's message. am i the only one who saw what he was really trying to do? he was showing you the narrow mindedness and darker side to middle america.
i was horrified at that cowboy, it got me so angry that in this day and age a person could be so medievel. i myself am a bi female, but even if i wasnt, i was disgusted. but not at sasha, at that cowboy. borat is simply a character who holds all of the owrlds worst opinions.

Queer Beacon

Hey Sean! I agree that people can't really be duped into being an asshole.

We just saw that in the Mel Gibson anti-Semetic rampage. To me, the alcohol just brought out the Jew-hating person that he is. That personality full of hatred is there already, dormant or tamed, alcohol or provocation just brings it out of hiding...

Sean Wells

Thought you would enjoy this because it is true and verifyable.
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Saturday, November 18, 2006
How I survived Borat

I feel bad for those whom Borat tricked into being on his movie, but I don't believe some will win their law suits for it. To me (and please tell me why you agree or disagree) it's about integrity and character. You either have it or you don't. They were being themselves.

I was tricked into an interview on D Ali G's HBO show a couple of years ago. It was very well staged and even after qualifying them with an internet search, they appeared to be legitimate. We filmed for over 3 hours and he asked very racist and sexist questions. I just responded very honestly and tried to help him understand why the questions were not the way to treat people. Then he started attacking me!! On one attack, I put him in a choke hold and took him down. That's the one they showed over and over on HBO.

I mean, I was a complete sucker! I bought it hook, line and sinker. Boy, did I feel like a fool. But, it was all in good fun and I can enjoy a good joke, even if it was at my own expense.
The episode I was on was in season 2: guide to hobbies (I think, I'll check and make sure).
You can see it by going to youtube and looking for the hobbies segment. Or, go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=Rq5lWasddGq

You can also read a follow up interview I did with his fan club at www.webgeordie.co.uk/borat/behindscenes.htm

If you're really into this, please answer me this: Do you think anyone would be interested in reading a short book or booklet about beating borat? I've written a book before about emotional self defense. It's like a book on how to develop integrity and character as well as how to spot potentially abusive relationships and physical dating self defense techniques. Anyway, I thought I could call this book: Beating Borat: The Survival of Integrity in America.

Tell me your thoughts. I really want to know. Thanks

Posted by TheKarateGuy at 12:59 PM 0 comments

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*By the way I found out The Karate Guy is Really Grand Master Danny Passmore of Waco,TX and his website is http://passmoreselfdefense.com and his e-mail is on there too and I contacted him and bought his book positive defensive behavior ... I honestly have never read a book like this before it was really good.

Queer Beacon

Hey RIC. That's a start!


I'm very, very happy for you all «over there»!!!
That's the way I like it!


... And the homophobic, stupid cowboy (what a concept behind this word...) was saying the plain truth: «put fags in prison».
The word of a fool is often the wisest one...
Thanks, Augusto!


This must be funny!
I wanna see it.
I'm goig to see Saw III today, any comment?

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