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Queer Beacon

Hey Grantashley, Eating Out (the first one) is certainly worth seeing.


Is the first version any good?
I love the pics, ill put them on my blog http://thegrantashley.blogspot.com/


It's almost impossible to get tickets to Mix Brasil hhehe

Queer Beacon

Hey HDZ, I just contacted my buddy Jim, who is connected with the movie, and made your request heard. I also hope the movie can get at least DVD distribution everywhere...

And Marcus, I think Eating Out 2 was just screened in Sao Paulo at Mix Brasil (the Gay Film Festival in the city), but I know it's very hard to get a ticket to the movies in the festival...


Does anyone know who I have to lobby/harass to make sure this movie gets at least an official DVD release in Australia (cinema is too much to expect, I suspect)?

The original "Eating Out" is in my top 10 movies of all time. Not because it is a cinematographic masterpiece - it isn't - but because it is a romantic comedy that is in MY fantasy world.

I am a romantic kind of guy, but in mainstream TV/movie the "gay character" is either a tragic figure with issues or a camp as tits character who is fulfilled by seeing his bestest girlfriend get the guy.

I mean, goddammit, why can't the ordinary guy sometimes get the hot stud and fade off into the sunset in an embrace? I don't want issues, I don't want pornography, I just want romance! "Eating Out" is the only movie I know of that fits the bill.

I can't believe I am getting so emotional about this!

This sequel had better be good.


Never heard about it!!!!!!!
Can't even say if there's the #1 DVD to rent

Queer Beacon

Eating Out 2 is funnier and much sexier than the first movie. The production value is about the same, maybe a little better. You will encounter some of the same stereotypes.

In any event, I think you should see the movie.


Was it that good? I remember the first one was so crappy - too stereotypical.


Congratulations, Augusto! Great review! But it is all far too much for me, all at once...
You're sooo right: if only I could have watched a SINGLE movie like this one in my twenties... This also means changes are occurring indeed, which is very, very good!!!
Thank you!

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