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i know you guys are trying to use the actor/actress' names to talk about the characters, but that can be confusing. for a moment, i thought you were talking about the actors' personal views according to marriage between homosexuals.

try to use the characters' names instead.


i am not sure if i have the right place to comment about the tv series,brothers&sisters,in the beginning this was a good series, don't you think that gay,s kissing is a little much. HOW REPULSIVE.I wii not watch your show again.


"We actually do know how Calista's character feels about gay marriage, she is against it, she said so."

Exactly. We know how Calista's character Kitty feels about marriage equality. We don't know how Calista feels about it. And during your review you failed to make that distinction, so it read like you were upset that Calista didn't aprove of gay marriage. I see now it was just a mistake, which is good. Which is way better than the alternative.

Queer Beacon

Hey Jason, thanks for your comment and kind words!

We actually do know how Calista's character feels about gay marriage, she is against it, she said so. She is for rights (civil union) but not marriage. The NJ decision on gay marriage gives us some great arguments for marriage (not civil unions), especially in a quote one of the Justices used (the quote is from Dworkin, the greatest legal philosopher alive):

"Civil union status may provide many of the legal and material benefits of marriage, but it does not provide the social and personal meaning of that institution."

You can read more on that here:

I agree with you that many people have issues with the word "marriage", even gays. But note that many people still (yes, today) have issues with black people marrying white people. But those people are wrong, don't you think?

Moreoever, gays will not be forced to marry, but they should certainly have that right to do so.

Again, you have a great point in that Brothers & Sisters is a great show for the gays and the discussion about gay marriage is also certainly welcome, I just thought it could have been more favorable. After all, there are Republicans out there who are for gay marriage...



"I was sad to see that Calista is not for gay marriage."

We have no way of knowing how Calista feels about gay marriage, but anyone working on this show deserves our thanks, in my opinion. The show is great for a lot of reasons, but it's fantastic gay characters have been such a joy to see. I've really enjoyed this show and while I don't agree with everything that Kitty (Calista's character on the show) says, I think it's important that her view, as a conservative republican be represented on the show. It actually reflects a lot of my family's feelings.

I'm gay, and I feel that we should be allowed to marry, but the majority of gay men that I know would prefer to keep the word marriage out of it. It's obviously a complex issue, with many aspects, and I don't think the show should be given negative press for only showing a few sides of the issue. For me, it was enough that the debate was given air time, without demonizing gays at all. Gay interests were aknowledged and presented as valid, if different than others, and that's pretty impressive for a network tv show these days.

Also, I'd like to say that I've only recently found this site, but I really enjoy it. I have GLBT inclusive DVD collection, and it's nice to see someone rating the mostly straight films out there for their gay content. Thank you for all your hard work here. ;-0)

Bald Jason

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