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Jolly Wacker

Say what you might about the plot or the performances, but the film IS a technical marvel and that alone recommends it for viewing.


Thanks for being brave in your review, because I found this movie so overrated. Awful (period). I had such high hopes as it was compared to the best movies of the last 10 years. It had some intersting moments but truly the essentials were missing. The acting was bad, the characters were simple and the plot lame. No story arc. Plain bad. Easy to toe the line and say what a great movie, because usually good acting by these actors. BUT IT SUCKED.


it's a great movie. i love clive!!!


Movie was awesome, edge of your seat kinda movie. The purpose of the movie is symbolize the hope for the future in children that in itself is beautiful. You put all your hoped in Ki. Lack of gayness doesnt make a movie.

Queer Beacon

Hey guys! Hope you are having a nice Saturday. I just tried to see The Last King of Scotland but it was sold out, so I'm home...

I know a lot of people loved Children of Men (check out the major reviews I linked on my post, they all lead to very positive reviews from major media outlets). People even thought the movie was a contemporary Blade Runner (a movie I loved), but I just hated it, as you could tell from my post.

I do think people should see the movie and reach their own conclusion. Also, I think that if you lower your expectation (by a lot) you are more likely to enjoy Children of Men...


I would have to disagree completely. I found the movie to be really good. I would not say the BEST, like some people, but it was very well made. Ultimately, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so what can u do?? I would just tell other readers to go out, see the movie and form your own opinions. Oh yeah, and come back and give ur opinion.


Well well well...what about now?
Augusto or Alex? Who is the right one?


You must be kidding! This was by far my favorite movie that was released in 2006. A profound vision of a world deeply rooted to the events of now, played out to a both horrifying and hopeful reality. Loved it. Recommend it to everyone I know.


Everybody says that's a very bad movie.
But, I don't know why, I still want to see it!

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