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Oh, I forgot!
And Moulin Rouge is the best musical from the last 100 years


Is this one the best movie of the year that u said?

It sounds only OK for me.. I don't know... Let's see


Queer Beacon

Hey Stella! I love your name! and thanx for your comments.

I do not think that Jennifer Hudson was talking about everybody being a sinner,she was talking about the gays. In her apology she said she loved her gay friends and her lesbian sister; but loving, as important as it is, is one thing, acceptance another. When I came out to my parents, my parents continued to love me, but they did not accept me.

In any event, you have a good point with the "everybody is a sinner", and moving on was the reason why I went to see Dreamgirls in the first place.

I just think we cannot move on too often, and too easily...


btw...I'm a sinner too. That's what they teach us in church that 'All' have sinned but *THE ONE*.

Is she homophobic against her own lesbian sister too? Just wondering...


I though 'Dreamgirls' was pretty good. Although I only went to see Jennifer, because I'm not into musicals. I'm very glad to see that you enjoyed Jennifer too.

But to be honest...didn't Jennifer say that she too is a sinner? Yes she did. Do we blame her for the way she was raised? Do we blame anyone for the way they were born? We are who are...let's move on and protect and love one another.


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