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who cares

Man you queers sure are a sensitive bunch aren't you....

obviously, Cooper's character was (in keeping with the real life Hanssen) a devout (to a fault) Catholic with no tolerance for homosexuality. So that is what Cooper plays in the movie. It's called realism.

Of course you fags will find a reason to get on your fucking queer soap box over just about anything, and your review makes the movie sound anti-gay simply because it realistically portrayed a homophobic character.

Here's a novel idea, why don't we bury anything that doesn't portray queers as the greatest thing since the invention of the nobby rubber butt plug.

God damn...

You know, I don't think so many people would be so anti gay if you fags weren't so... well... so GAY!!!

Stop being an oversensitive little bitch and just watch the fucking movie. You might actually find that life is more enjoyable when you don't spend it searching for a fight with anybody who doesn't care for your queer little universe. I mean, your whole beef is that people don't "accept" you for being an ass jockey right? So how about you stop jamming your faggoty little ideaology down everybody's throat and "accept" the fact that sticking your dick in another man's ass isn't for everybody.

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