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I saw 300 with a friend from Germany, and his comment as we walked out was, "Goebbels would have loved this movie." To him, it was an excuse film for America's invasion of Iraq. Me? I was so friggin' pissed off at the deliberate misrepresentations to add to the racism and homophobia of the film, I couldn't discuss it...not till I'd had a couple beers.

My main reason for feeling the movie's homophobic? It's not just the "boy-lovers" comment. It's not just that idiot, Zack Snyder's, boast in EW. It's not just Xerxes being made into a queen instead of being presented as the intelligent masculine king he was. No, it's ALSO the fact that the Spartans were made into total heteros and the whole notion of theirs that having their warriors sexuallg involved with each other made them better warriors was completely ignored. And in this day of don't ask, don't tell, where a top general can call queers "immoral" and keep his job while some dumb white talk-show idiot gets canned for repeating something that you can hear on just abot any hip=hop song.

And on top of all THAT, it presents the idea of eugenics as a good thing, showing what will happen if you DON'T kill off the deformed at birth.

Maybe it's not big deal to this site, but to me, this movie and everyone associated with it ought to be horse-whipped.

John C

Writer Frank Miller has er, issues here, to say the least... On the one hand his blustering, macho comics present a less-than-charitable attitude to gays (see this great feature: http://www.afterelton.com/movies/2007/3/300.html).

On the other hand, he wanted to see the Spartans showing off their abs, something that would have been suicide for men facing lethal bow and arrow attacks. And lets not even go into the homoerotic basis of Spartan culture...

Queer Beacon


Bill Samuels

I haven't seen 300 yet -- doesn't really sound like my cup of tea --but if I did I would probably find the "boy lover" comment a bit problematic, if only because -- as has been said -- so many lump homosexuality in with pedophilia, so you always wonder if some unenlightened screenwriter is simply using "boy lover" to suggest "gay." It's unlikely that we'll ever get a movie -- at least from Hollywood -- that actually goes into the Greeks' attitudes toward and indulgence in homosexual behavior.

Queer Beacon

Hey Shannon, what an interesting interpretion of the "boy lovers" comment, it makes sense: it's all about being a bully and a fighter...everything else is looked down upon.

However, I still think the pedophile association is more at play here ;-)

Thanks for your comment!


If I may, I would like to disagree with you on the “boy lovers” comment. I have always read that line, as you did, to be more of a slur on the Athenians, but for me it has always read as “those Athenians, ha, men who would rather make love than Fight. What kind of man is that?” Rather than any negative reference to gays or as a reference pedophiles.

And yes, the directors comments about the scene where Xerxes and Leonidas talk, that was out of line. But he does have one point. MY reaction to Xerxes was very much don’t touch me. But I am female and this is the ENEMY, so my reactions would be different from a 20year old boy. For me, it was: here is this man, who is taller, and stronger than me (not stronger than King Leonidas) and he’s got the whole crazier than a June bug thing going for him, thinking that he is a god, so I have to say my reaction was to him as the character Xerxes, not to anything he might or might not represent.

On a side note, I think that the reason why 300 will (hopefully) do better in the box office than the previous movies mentioned is that unlike Troy or Alexander, it is not trying to take itself historically accurately. It is taking a true story and event and extrapolating on it, not presenting itself as if this where historical fact. It is, after all, historical fiction.

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