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A pedophile desires a child under the age of puberty; a pederast desires an adolescent in or past puberty. Though the power differential is striking between teacher and student, the guys in this school are not children.

Queer Beacon

Hey Phil, what an interesting reaction you had to the movie. Thanks for sharing it. I agree that the theatrical acting is sth people can stand if they know it's coming -- the movie is good.


I started to watch the movie about a week ago, got bored with the slow pace and annoyed by the stagey way everyone talked (I felt I could hear the writer typing the words; people in real life just do not talk this way) and so I stopped watching after 30 minutes, not intending to finish. But what I had seen so far kept running through my mind and over the next few days I kept thinking about the characters I had seen, all of whom are quite endearing. So I put the DVD back in and finished watching it and ended up liking the film...a LOT. The stagey speech didn't bother me again. Perhaps because I was used to it from the first time and knew what to expect. I liked it so much I called a friend over and we watched it together the following night. I enjoyed it even more the 2nd time and he enjoyed it. I can't say I would recommend it to anyone without a few warnings, because not knowing what to expect may initially turn people off as it did me. People should know it's based on a play (that's why they talk so stagey), that it is slow at times but ultimately quite interesting and satisfying, contains no explicit scenes or nudity (brief gym scene but nothing shown). It's unusual for me to dislike a film so much, then have it become one of my favorites.

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