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... And here we're having no Summer at all... As I'm writing to you now, it's raining (!!!) outside. Can you imagine?! Raining for hours in July?! I don't get it!
Nice to hear from you, dear friend!
Best wishes!

Queer Beacon

Hey RIC, I agree that it's debatable whether famous gays would have any moral duty to come out, but it would certainly be the nice thing to do. I think ;-)

I hope all is well! Here, it's been raining for days...


You know that I like that guy, remember? All I can say is that it's a good sign already that he and guys like him do not get hypocritical about what they are at a time where so many bad examples proliferate... He just might go a little bit further, I agree, but sometimes I ask myself why on earth are we supposed to confess to our intimacy in order to have a better place in the sun... I don't consider this to be right. There are lots of gay people who do not consider it right either...
Best wishes, dear Augusto!
Hugs from Lisbon! :-)

Queer Beacon

Hey Todd, I agree with most of what you say; so, thank you for sharing your views ;-)

But, I am not sure gays can 'already' look up to Coop (we could include Jodie Foster here, too, I guess).

For not being open about his sexuality he might (just might) be sending the message that (i) either there is something wrong with being gay -- hence the need to not talk about it; or (ii) that society thinks there is something wrong with it (and I think he wouldn't be wrong here). Coming out would help gays on both counts, but I don't deny it's a hard thing to do...


But every young gay who can use the internet already knows he's gay. So he is someone they can look up to, right? I mean, maybe he isn't inspirational in a "loud and proud" sort of way, but we already have guys from Elton John to Richard Simmons covering that. Anderson gives one of the very few examples of a successful gay man in the media who lives a gay lifestyle while managing to maintain a non-stereotypical job and to not to be a bitchy, gossipy, superficial cliche. Queer kids need to see that there are options, and they don't need to conform to tired gay or straight images to be accepted. They don't have to be a fashion consultant for Entertainment Tonight, instead they can spend their time dodging bombs and interviewing dangerous warlords in distant jungles. When Roseanne made her comment about gays only caring about gay causes Anderson was the only popular gay male public personality I could point to who contradicted her claim. Michael Musto couldn't provide me with that.

Queer Beacon

Hey, Todd! I thought it was all very cute. It would be nice if he came out though, I think it would be great for younger gays to have people they can look up to ;-)


I think Anderson is not (probably ever) going to bang on a drum about his orientation. This seemed like a casual, quiet acknowledgement to me, especially taken together with Erika's knowing laughter. I believe after he made the statement about Erika and him being jealousy inducing he realized that without a disclaimer it would be dishonest, since Erika would probably be unsure if it was all right to make some sort of "yeah, like that sure like that could happen!" comment of her own. He doesn't lie about himself.

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