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Queer Beacon

Like I said, I am not biggest fan, but I actually think the show has been remarkably able to maintain most of its fun ;-)


Am I the only one that thinks The Simpsons lost it years ago. It was funny when it was fairly counter culture - poking fun at American, Fox, etc. At some point it became co-opted and unfunny.

Queer Beacon

Great point, Marc!


The film delivered a satisfactory number of laughs for me. I went in expecting a really good version of the TV show, and that's what I got.

I thought Homer wishing Ned was gay was a commentary on the hypocrisy of certain American evangelical leaders like Ted Haggard and his ilk.

Queer Beacon

I tend to do that, over-analyze... ;-)


I was at a regular movie theater in Livermore, CA. Good to learn that at least in Vancouver the gay "ick factor" is far less pronounced.

Re: Bart's frontal nudity: I think you might be over-analyzing. I thought they were just making a joke, not a statement. They go to great lengths to use all these ridiculous obstructions to cover up Bart's penis while he's riding the skateboard, and then comically turn that expectation on its head by hiding the rest of his body and showing his penis for a few seconds.

Queer Beacon

Hey Andrew, that is sad to hear. In my theater, the crowd laughed, not hard, but they laughed. I saw the movie in a big straight-crowd cineplex here in Vancouver...


There was a huge collective "ewwww grossss" in my theater when the cops kissed. Depressing.

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