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Queer Beacon

Joe, you are right, the shoving the head in the ass was not good.

Six Degrees is one classy movie -- I didn't know about Will's nuanced refusal to kiss a guy...well, he is a friend of Tom Cruise...

Movie Review

Not to read too much into it -- I honestly thought most of the jokes were negative reflections on Hancock himself, not at the expense of gay people -- but I remember back when Will Smith did Six Degrees of Separation, he refused to do a scene where his (gay) character kissed another guy. Sounds like cut-and-dry homophobia, but his explanation was surprisingly nuanced: he said he didn't do it because he didn't want kids to see the movie in school and make fun of his own kids for it. It's a cultural thing, but luckily it seems to be a fading cultural thing.

Joe Keitt

Will is really supposed to be in that eschelon of actors who make better decisions than this movie. I was put off by the comments he made and found it kinda odd that if the comments were made by someone like Bruce Willis, it probably wouldn't have been more than a choice the character made and less poor suspension of disbelief of Will's acting.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the shoving the head up the ass scene as well. It was equally as bad as the comments and played into the gay bashing Hancock was fond of.


I will to see the film. Will Smith always amazing.

Please, if you want can we change links. I love your blog.

Thanks a lot.

Jahh ( Burbujas Gay/ Gay Bubbles)

Queer Beacon

Hey Alan, thank you for your comment. That's pretty scary -- I had never heard that before about WS. I would hope that more than 20 years would be enough for WS to change his ways...but if this movie is any indication, he might not have...

Alan in Vermont

Will Smith is (or was) also very homophobic.

I attended one of his shows back in the late 80's when he was with Jazzy Jeff (I know, I know, cut me some slack, please) and every other word was faggot this, fag that.

I STILL talk to my buddy who went with me to that show about how homophobic it was and with tons of kids around as well.

I don't watch his movies specifically because of that. He's an aarright actor, but I put my money where my fat mouth is.


You are one of the few who thought this was a good movie. It has gotten awful reviews. It was an utter mess.

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